How to Earn Good Money with Betting Affiliate Program

Are you searching for a great affiliate program to earn some money? In this article, you will find out how you can do this using the offers from sports betting companies. In particular, you will learn what sports betting affiliate programs are, how to pick the best program, and which methods you can use to achieve the desired results.

What Is an Affiliate Program?

We will start with the very basic notions that you should know to be able to follow all the further information provided in this article. So, what is an affiliate program? It is run by different companies to attract customers. There may be different purposes of such a program, for instance, increasing brand awareness, drawing more traffic to the seller’s website, boosting conversion rate, and others.

To achieve their goals, brands offer other individuals and companies to earn money for promoting their products/services. Affiliates earn commissions for this work.

What Is a Betting Affiliate Program?

When it comes to a betting affiliate program, it is all about promoting the services and special offers from a bookmaker. Most often, such affiliates get commissions for players who get registered with a bookmaker and make a deposit. Bookies often design various interesting bonuses, including a welcome offer. Affiliates can create content with promotional codes and links to the service. Then, they need to post it using various channels.

How to Pick the Right Betting Affiliate Program?

Sports betting services are very popular nowadays. The competition in this market is pretty high, and there are many affiliate programs that you can join. So, how do you choose the best one? There are several factors that you should pay your attention to, including the following:

Service Provider

When choosing a bookmaker, you want to make sure that it is a really good gambling venue for players. In particular, it should match the following requirements:

  • A great reputation;
  • A good selection of betting markets;
  • Various promotional offers for new and existing players;
  • Excellent customer support;
  • Convenient payment options.

Also, you should keep in mind that bookmakers operating online may not be available in all countries. You should check out the list of locations restricted by a certain bookmaker. This is how you will understand, for which territories your efforts will be relevant.

Affiliate Program Conditions

Now, you need to check out the conditions of the betting affiliate program. In particular, you want to know the following:

  • Type of commission;
  • The frequency of payouts;
  • Minimum withdrawal amount.

As for the type of commission, this is how much and for which actions of users you will be paid. The most beneficial is a lifetime revenue-sharing commission, which allows getting paid for all bets of the player. It is recommended to carefully read the terms and conditions applied to the commission because there may be a catch. For instance, you may be paid only in case if a player loses his bet.

The frequency of payout depends on the bookmaker. You may be offered to get your money once per month or you can withdraw your earnings every two weeks or so. As for the minimum withdrawal amount, it means how much you have to earn before becoming eligible to get your funds.

Attractive Products/Services

The more attractive offer is, the more chances to earn money you will have. If it is a welcome bonus that you are going to promote, then you should compare it to other similar offers available in the market. Also, you should estimate your chances of making a certain offer appealing for users so that they click on the link and do the desired action.

How to Promote a Betting Affiliate Program?

There are lots of different ways to promote betting services. The most popular of them are described below:

Create a Website

Creating your own website can be a very effective tool that you can use to promote betting services and interesting offers. You can load it with plenty of helpful articles and referral links inserted inside. Those can be useful tips on how to win, how to pick a gambling venue, what the best offers available in the market are, and more. Remember to use the right SEO strategy so that you could attract organic traffic to your website.

Use Social Media Platforms

It is difficult to overestimate the power of social media. Some of the most popular platforms are Facebook (FB), Instagram (IG), Twitter, and others. When using a certain website, you need to understand its peculiarities. For instance, FB is mainly about posting text while it can also include images, and IG is primarily about publishing high-quality images and video content. It is possible to create a basic post that you can edit, depending on where you are going to post it.

You can find plenty of helpful tips on effective social media marketing tricks, and you are recommended to read them before you start promoting betting services.

Opt for Email Marketing

It is also possible to simply send users emails. You can use special programs that can help you generate leads, create attractive content, and monitor the reactions of your customers, such as be notified about opening your email. It is very important to create attention-grabbing content to make your users interested in your offer.

Promote Services via Messengers

Today, marketing products via various messengers become more and more popular. Chatbots, availability for users 24/7, individual approach, and other benefits makes this channel very effective. You can even simply send messages via messengers that are built-in right to social media platforms.

Additionally, you can use separate programs, such as WhatsApp and others. It is also essential to prepare creative content that will draw your target audience’s attention.


Generally, sports betting affiliate programs can be pretty profitable. The three essential things for your success are finding a reputable bookmaker, choosing attractive offers, and mastering effective marketing methods.

On the Internet, you can find various offers from bookmakers. Just take some time to compare them. Also, you should carefully read all the terms and conditions applied to your affiliate cooperation to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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