How to Boost Your Income with Smartlink Affiliate Network?

Earning money with affiliate networks can be challenging if you do not use all the effective tools. If you do not know what Smartlink is and how you can benefit from it, then it is the right time to learn about it. In this article, you will find comprehensive information on this tool, including its benefits, uses, and more.

What Is Smartlink?

It is an affiliate link that directly leads to the products/services you promote to your target audience. So, how is it different from a regular link that you use to increase traffic and conversion rate? The thing is that your advertising campaign may include more than one offer. A link leading to a single source may be irrelevant for all the users, especially if you attract potential customers from all over the world. Smartlinks can solve this problem.

Such a link directs customers to the relevant offer based on different factors. It uses a special algorithm that determines which products/services will likely be interesting for particular customers. For instance, you can have various offers from customers living in the US, Canada, France, and other countries. You need each of them to be directed to the right page describing offers relevant to them.

Factors taken to attention, in this case, may include the following:

  • Customer location;
  • Device;
  • Operating system;
  • Connection type and others.

With a Smartlink, you will not have to insert several links to your campaign or develop several campaigns. As you can see, this is a really smart tool that allows increasing your revenue significantly.

What Are the Benefits of Smartlink for Affiliate Marketers?

So, what about the benefits that you will get by starting using a Smartlink? They are described below:

Using Only One URL

Yes, you can combine all of your offers in a single link. You will not have to bother with creating various campaigns, content, and links for different users. This means that you will spend much less time and effort.

Increased ROI

Smartlinks can increase ROI up to 25%. This means that such a tool will also save you lots of money and bring a greater income. Also, savings occur due to more accurate targeting.

Greater Conversion Rate

Did you know that more than 25% of clicks on affiliate links do not end in a sale? Customers simply stuck somewhere in between the ad page and the right product page. If your customers are simply sent to a homepage of an advertiser so that they could then find needed products, they have to make a few more steps to complete their purchase.

They can simply lose their interest on their way. Thanks to a Smartlink they are taken directly to the product page. This will increase the number of impulse purchases because customers will have to spend much less time and do fewer actions to place their order.

It Is Easy to Use

It is really not difficult to use this tool. You will only need to find the right affiliate network to join and adjust a few settings. If you are not sure how this can be done, then you should be able to contact the customer support representatives of the network so that they could help you.

How to Use a Smartlink?

There are the following steps that you need to take to use Smartlink:

Picking a Smartlink Affiliate Network

There are many affiliate networks and all they use different algorithms on hitting the target audience. You can find the list of the best ones and compare their conditions to find an ideal option.

Finding a Good Affiliate Program

You want to work with a reliable company that has interesting products/services. Also, you want to check out the affiliate commission and conditions of payments.

Selecting Product/Services

Now, you need to select particular products or services that you wish to offer to your customers. Remember that your Smartlink will lead directly to the product page, so you need to make sure that it is made properly. In particular, it should contain a full product/service description, images, and other information.

What Are the Tips for Using Smartlinks?

Now, that you know the basic information about Smartlink and its uses, you should learn how to achieve the best possible results by utilizing it. Below, you will find a few helpful tips on how you can do that.

Use Short SmartLink

Short links look better and they are much easier to remember. You will need to publish your links on various sources, such as Instagram. Some of the platforms do not allow posting many hyperlinks. On the Internet, you can find a variety of services that help in shortening Smartlinks.

Choose the Right Products

You should pick the products that come with a good description page and that are likely to cause lots of interest from users. Also remember that while you can create a link to send your users just to the homepage of an advertiser, it is better if you send them to particular product pages. Another factor to check out is that a merchant’s website is mobile-friendly because you want to reach users regardless of which device they use.

Create Effective Text Links

A Smartlink is a hyperlink, which means that it is placed on the piece on the text. You should come up with something grabbing attention yet simple. For instance, it can be just the name of the product that you promote. You can find more interesting ideas on effective text links on the Internet.


Smartlinks may be exactly what you need to monetize your traffic. They will allow avoiding losing profit due to showing irrelevant content to customers or leading them to an advertiser’s homepage. Thanks to such a link, you will save lots of time and effort. Also, it comes with greater ROI, so it is really beneficial to use such a link.

At the same time, it is not a magical tool. If you deal with an unreliable merchant, your customers will not trust your opinion. Also, you should make sure that the product page is detailed and attractive to visitors.

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