How to Earn Money with Crypto Affiliate Network

Affiliate marketing can be a highly profitable business on condition that you choose the right niche, marketing methods, and programs. In particular, the crypto market is expanding rapidly, which gives great opportunities for everyone from customers to affiliate partners. There is a range of crypto affiliate networks that you can join, but before you start your search for the best options, read this article to find out some basic information about them.

What Is a Crypto Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program allows generating some income from promoting products and services of other companies. Your job will be spreading information about the brand and goods using various digital channels, such as websites, social media platforms, and others. The programs are usually named after the services that you will be promoting. For instance, if we are talking about the adult affiliate program, we mean the services and products related to the adult industry, and if we say, “casino affiliate program,” it may be a range of gambling services and promotions.

All in all, a crypto affiliate program is the one related to the use of cryptocurrencies. In this case, two basic payment schemes are used for affiliate partners:

  • You get paid in fiat currency;
  • You get paid in a cryptocurrency.

Such programs can be run by any company dealing with cryptocurrency payments, such as:

  • Online casinos and sports betting websites;
  • Exchanges and e-wallet services working with cryptocurrencies;
  • Online vendors accepting crypto payments;
  • Dating and adult websites;
  • Others.

In essence, there is a large choice of options that you can choose from when it comes to a crypto affiliate program.

What Is a Crypto Affiliate Network?

You can work directly with an affiliate program provider. In fact, this may be a recommended option for beginners in affiliate marketing and those who are just gaining the necessary knowledge of a particular industry. Once you feel like managing everything fine and ready for promoting a larger number of businesses, you can think of joining several crypto affiliate programs.

Now, it is time to consider joining a crypto affiliate network. It is a single place where you can find a variety of a crypto affiliate program. What are its main advantages? The thing is that such platforms allow for much more organized, effective, and convenient management of all your programs. They provided users with promotional materials, good support, reliable tracking systems, and other helpful tools.

Such networks are very convenient for companies running affiliate programs as well because they allow finding partners to promote their brands or goods quickly and easily. Both parties — the advertiser and the publisher — need to sign up for a crypto network first.

Who Can Earn Money with Crypto Affiliate Networks?

Everyone willing to invest some time can earn good money with crypto affiliate networks. It is important to have the following knowledge to succeed:

  • What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?
  • What are the methods available for promoting products or services on the web?
  • What are the peculiarities of the crypto market?

Your goal here is to attract customers on the specific pages of the advertiser’s website. You will earn a commission after a user does the desired action. It can be anything from downloading software to making a transaction. It is essential to carefully go through the conditions of each affiliate program that you are about to deal with. In particular, you should pay your attention to the forbidden methods and tools. Some companies have strict requirements related to how their brands or goods can be promoted. Failure to comply with them may lead to serious consequences, such as termination of your affiliate agreement.

How to Pick the Right Affiliate Network?

On the Internet, you can find various reviewing websites, which experts go through different crypto affiliate networks in order to evaluate them based on different criteria and rate, depending on their pros and cons.

While you can just pick a crypto affiliate network from such a list, it is essential to check each of the options based on a few important factors.

In particular, you need to determine, in which niche you prefer to work. We have already listed a few options from the crypto industry that you can pay your attention to but you can also find more variants. If it is an online casino, you wish to learn the specifics of the industry and the benefits of using cryptocurrency for payments in relation to gambling services. For instance, the anonymity of payments can become a significant advantage for players.

It is also essential to pick the right cryptocurrency for promoting affiliate programs. As you may know, there are most known and less known crypto coins. Obviously, working with industry giants, such as Bitcoin will be easier than trying to persuade users to use those that have not built a solid reputation yet.

The convenience of the crypto affiliate network and the tools available for you is another very important factor that you should consider. You want to be provided with various promotional materials to use on the website, social media platforms, and other marketing promotion channels. The simplicity of the tracking system is also very important.

Whatever happens, you want to be provided with high-quality customer support. You may need some helpful recommendations on how to start your promotional campaign, how to generate links, which affiliate program it is better to choose, and more. Professional support team representatives should be available for you whenever you need them. Also, pay attention to the contact methods available for reaching them.


All in all, crypto affiliate networks can help publishers working within the cryptocurrency industry to boost their income and do this in a much more convenient and effective way. If you are just discovering the benefits of affiliate marketing and learning more information about the crypto market, then dealing with a single affiliate program would be the right choice for you. As soon as you choose a perfect crypto niche and decide to continue working in this direction, you should pick a reliable crypto affiliate network to increase your earning opportunities.

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